Meet Terry

A graphic artist by trade and musician by heart

Terry Guinn pours his love and passion into every unique creation. Building on early training in industrial drafting, enhanced by a degree in commercial art and advertising, Terry sees unwanted instruments as “unfinished art.” From drums and guitars to stand-up basses and pianos, Terry’s artistic eye and graphic skills transforms the broken into the beautifully functional in the form of memory boxes, lamps, tables, desks and more.

Starting in 2006, Terry launched Drumiture, which focused primarily on the transformation of drums into original functional furniture. Under the Drumiture label, Terry created more than 100 unique pieces for individuals and charities across America. Recipients include iconic drummers (Mark Schulman – Pink/Foreigner/Cher; Neil Peart – Rush; Rod Morgenstien – Winger/Dixie Dregs), music historians (Johnny Mercer Foundation, Song Writers Hall of Fame, Roots of Rock and Roll Museum), charitable foundations (Susan G, Komen, Meals on Wheels, Boston Strong Foundation), and more.

Over time, Terry’s work expanded beyond drums to a diverse array of instruments and finished products. In 2016, this transition prompted a new brand and a new label: Terry Guinn’s Instrumental Furnishings. TGIF is about more than just the art (which is amazing, by the way…take a look; TGIF creates experiences for music and art lovers everywhere. That’s because each unique piece tells a story by incorporating original art, photos and memorabilia. Commissioned pieces even include personal treasures gathered by loving families, employees, or patrons, resulting in highly customized pieces commemorating recipients’ lives and careers.

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