• Drum Talk TV Drumiture Episode 
    Love your old drums? Make something out of them!  Drumiture Founder and Master Craftsman Terry Guinn talks to us about how he creates his popular line of furniture made out of drums. More than just furniture, each piece is a “memory box” and the ultimate keepsake for drummers and music fans.Terry has made pieces for Rod Morgenstein, Neil Peart, Mark Schulman, David Fishof of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, The Fender Foundation, and lots of folks who just love drums!


  • Behind the Kit Episode #8 Featuring Terry Guinn (Drumiture)
  • Rod Morgenstein
    Legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein hung out with us on a Sunday morning and we dug into all SORTS of stuff! Topics include: Rod’s solarium, drum furniture, prog rock, hair rock, videos, Berklee College of Music, kids nowadays, social media, counting, math, numbers, The Jelly Jam, Dixie Dregs, Winger, Rudess/Morgenstein Project, and SO MUCH more!
  • Terry Guinn from Drumiture Part 1
    Our awesome interview with Terry Guinn, the master of re-purposing old drums and other instruments into breathtaking works of art. We delve into all sorts of topics, including LA vs. NY, folks Terry’s made pieces of art for, Neil Peart, Dixie Dregs, Ringo Starr, Terry’s history, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Terry Guinn from Drumiture Part 2
    Hey everyone, we’re back! After a bit of hiatus, Jim and Sharon sat down with Drumiture mastermind Terry Guinn to talk about his latest artistic masterpieces, including the 100th (!) piece he’s recently completed for artists like Neil Peart, Reba McIntyre, Dave Weckl, The Rainbow Bar & Grill, and SO MUCH MORE! We also hung out, kicked back heels, and discussed social media, old-school concerts, promoting oneself as a DIY artist. We also played a couple of our favorite Christmas tunes, geeked out over Rush, songs that scared us as children, hot Rick Allen talk, Lemmy’s Airstream refrigerator, quitting smoking, taking up drums again, and SO MUCH MORE! We love all of you and are so thankful for Terry for stopping over. Happy holidays guys!


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